Ben’s 10 Year Anniversary Lunch

For lunch, a group of us headed out to a (semi) nearby Indian place called Chicago Curry House. Today was the official 10-year mark for Ben, as he officially has been an employee of Emmis Interactive for a decade now! To celebrate, a group of us headed out to lunch together.

View of the bar.

The interior is quite nice, and it still feels like a hidden spot that most people don’t know about. As we were sitting down to lunch, the tables around us slowly filled up… but given that it’s slightly off of State Street, fewer folks know that this place is in the South Loop.

Fun and funny conversations over lunch. L to R it’s Justin, Allison, Ben, Chris, James, and Mike.

Last night Ben was looking around online, trying to track down the oldest photo he could find related to Emmis Interactive. The image (above) is one I took of him, Stu, Jude and Justin.

This was during the Divorce Party, when Justin and Dave each decided to find their own apartments (after being roommates for ages).

I believe this was the first night I met Ben, back when Emmis Interactive was just two people – Justin and Ben. About ten days after I took this photo, I got hired on by EI to do a little freelance work.

Ten years – it’s a long time, and it also goes by incredibly quickly. Congratulations Ben!

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  1. Ha! This was the first night I met you Felix…with your camera on hand. I was wondering who the heck carries a camera around all the time!

    Anthony Reply

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