Crazy Hail Storm, Logan Square

Last week, we had a storm roll through which resulted in some crazy hail. The sound of it hitting our roof was like softballs, pounding into our apartment.

I had taken my camera to our back porch to try to record the hail falling, but after opening the door a large piece smacked me right on the foot. It hurt a lot, and felt like someone had taken a hammer and just smashed down on my foot. Needless to say, I got zero video.

After the storm had started to die down, Liz and I went downstairs to the courtyard to check out the aftermath.

View from the doorway, looking onto the sidewalk.

This is the middle of the courtyard. The hail was coming down so hard, it stripped a ton of leaves off the trees.

Here’s some random bits of hail that Liz picked up off the ground.

Here’s what my car looked like.

The next morning, with the hail gone and the courtyard covered with leaves.

Walking to work down Logan Boulevard.

Logan Square.

I had brushed off the leaves on my car the morning after the storm, but had totally missed all the damage. On closer inspect, Liz pointed out all the dent marks – my car is pretty riddled with these guys.

Guess I need to call up my insurance company.

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