Jane’s Fake, Knitted Beard

Yesterday morning, Jane gave the most awesome gift to Allison: a fake, knitted beard. Because Allison’s sitting and working with so many of us with facial hair (me, Chris, Justin, Ben)… this fake beard is something she could wear to fit in a little more.

What’s hysterical and fantastic is that there are two little loops on either side, which allow the fake beard to be draped over the ears. Add in Allison’s catch phrase of Am I right, bro’s? and the pairing is perfect.

Which one is Allison, which one is Ben? It’s so hard to tell.

What a fun way to kick off a Monday. I bet these things would sell like hotcakes during wintertime in Chicago. Although I’d give money to see Allison wearing this thing to/from work, especially during this heat wave we’re going through…

Jane’s Flowerpot Sweater
Flowerpot Sweater: Revisited
Flowerpot Sweater Instructions (PDF)
Outgrown, Reuse

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  1. What a write-up!! Thanks, Felix. It was really fun to make… especially the couple of times Pete watched me go to the mirror and measure it against my own face without knowing the context.

    Jane Reply

  2. Heh! Jane this looks awesome!And Felix, I think you mean “crocheted” instead of knitted….

    Liz Reply

  3. I am going to perpetually mix those two things up.

    avoision Reply

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