Amon Tobin: ISAM

The only song I really know by Amon Tobin is this one, which I actually love. I’m not sure who first gave this to me (maybe my friend Jon or Rob or Jay). I’m pretty sure it was one of those guys from my old Flash days, circa 2001. Every once in a while, I remember this MP3 in my library and loop it for a bit.

I recently came across a mention of Tobin’s latest project, a live version of his album ISAM:

Also of interest is this video, showing how some of the sounds from the album were created (using a Hakem Continuum Fingerboard):

I don’t really go out to a lot of live shows, but this looks like it would be pretty cool to see. There’s a show at the Congress (just down the street from me), but I haven’t yet pulled the trigger to get tickets. Guess it’s time to look up a bit more of his stuff on Spotify…

[via MetaFilter]

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