Dogsitting Tus

This is Tus, plopped on the ground in our apartment. She’s a little sad and missing Jake, who’s out of town this week. That, and I’m sure the heat wave going on currently isn’t helping matters much.

So far, she’s been pretty low key. We go for walks in the morning, walks after work, and then another walk right before bedtime. My legs have been sore from my workout on Monday, so the times I’ve taken her out… I’ve gone pretty slowly. If I recover soon, I’d like to try running with her one morning this week.

Surprisingly, she has all but ignored the bunnies. Usually, she’s perched by their gate like a hawk, whimpering because she wants to get closer. But so far this week, she’s just been hanging out with us, plopped on the ground in the kitchen and living room.

Right now, our apartment has two bunnies, two people, and a dog. Quite the full house.

Tus the Dog: What’s Yours is Ours
Watching Over Tus
Quincy And Tus Meet For The First Time


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