Emmis The Menace: Game 4

Emmis the Menace played its fourth kickball game yesterday, despite the temperatures outside going as high as 98 (with a heat index of 108). Our game was on a different field, at a later time (7:30 instead of 6:30)… and while the later time took a bit of the edge off, it was still freaking hot. Everybody was constantly sipping on water, trying to stay cool and remain hydrated.

Ally on base, with Chris serving as 3rd Base Coach.

Noami, focusing on the pitch…

Unfortunately, we ended up losing. And… I hate to say it, but we got beat. Badly. The other team was able to get a lot of runs early on in the game, and we just never were able to catch up. The game got called early at the end of the 6th Inning, due to the mercy rule (the other team was up 10 runs, after 5 complete innings).

When the ump let us know the other team was 10 up… we had a choice: either finish out the inning, or call it quits. I’m glad we decided to stick with it, as we decided to play out the inning. For whatever reason, the moment we heard that the mercy rule would be in effect… our defense kicked up a notch: we got three successful outs/catches, and went up to bat.

We needed a run of 10 to close the gap, otherwise the game would be over. It was pretty funny to hear the chants of Just ten more! coming from our bench. If memory serves, I believe we got a run or two in. Sadly… it wasn’t enough to close the gap, and with our last out the game ended.

We were down a lot of people at our game, which definitely was a factor. It’s amazing to me to compare this game with our last, where we were working like a well-oiled machine. I guess one of the major differences is that we weren’t in the middle of a week-long heat wave, last week.

Tough beat, tough game, and a tough day to play.

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