Brief Visit with the Galts

Alex, Linda, Johanna and Frida were in town briefly over the weekend. Schedules were a little hectic, but last night we managed to find a little time to hang out together, prior to their departure back to Green Bay.

The girls were so big! And on seeing them, it underscored how overdue we were in having visited the Galts. Immediately on arriving, I was introduced to two stuffed animals: Oo Oo Ee Ee, the monkey… and Lambie the lamb. Johanna and Frida were a delight to watch and interact with, as they were playing all sorts of games while we were there (including multiple variations of Hide and Seek the Monkey).

Liz, on the couch with Johanna and Frida, with Alex on the phone, talking to Linda. Earlier today, Linda had gone out to Ikea to purchase a lot of things for the shop, and was getting some help navigating her way back to Justin’s place.

Uncle Justin, showing off a box of fantastic stuff – including money from other countries, a nugget of Fool’s Gold, and a dyed geode.

And later in the night, a little drawing. I love the fact that Frida just climbed up on Justin’s shoulders to watch. No standing nearby… the shoulder perch is the place to be.

I couldn’t help but imagine her as a Tiny Art Director, closely watching Justin and telling him to make the logo bigger.

Though it was a very brief visit, I’m glad we had a chance to hang a bit with the Galts – particularly with the girls. And, of course, getting to meet Oo Oo Ee Ee and Lambie for the first time.

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