Illinois Centennial Monument: New Bird Record

Spotted this small gathering of birds on the way to work yesterday morning. I’ve seen two birds on the statue before, but this was my first glimpse of a group of them (six in total).

Specifically, they are perched atop the Illinois Centennial Monument. But for my money, it’s six birds sitting on a giant eagle. I wonder if the shape of the statue drew them from afar… since it’s also bird-like?

But when I stop to think about it, an eagle is a bird of prey. I’m not sure if they eat pigeons or not, but it doesn’t seem entirely out of the question. Technically, it would be even weirder if the birds recognized the eagle, but subsequently lost their fear of it due to its immobility.

Perhaps the birds don’t even think about stuff like this. Maybe it’s just a really cool place to hang out.

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