Emmis the Menace: Game 6

Emmis the Menace got another win last night! We defeated Mike Tyson’s Tigers with a final score to 9-7. We got an early lead with two runs in the first few innings, but then the other team got on a stream and took over for a while. We were able to close the gap and pulled in even at 7-7 around the time of the 5th inning. We were able to squeeze in a few runs, and managed to hold that lead until the end.

L to R it’s Roshan and Justin, both of them sporting some fancy sunglasses.

Lots of great plays all around. Tim got a homer and did a solo run around the bases (his second or third solo homer this season). Our newest hire Mike is a powerhouse kicker, and Nisha (who’s also becoming quite the kicker) joined us for her second game.

I wasn’t able to make any plays in the outfield, but had an inning where I covered 1st base. In a pretty brilliant play, the ball got near Tim who picked it up and hurled the thing my way. Roshan sensed what was happening and, since he was between us, ducked down to allow Tim room to throw. Though I bobbled it briefly, I did end up catching the ball and got the out. Technically, the runner was safe… but the call broke our way that time around.

I also got another out when Ally stopped the ball and threw it my way. Oh, and I finally scored a run… which was my first of the season. All in all, I felt better about my performance this game and feel a little redeemed from our last game.

MVP award definitely goes out to Ally this time around! She had a clutch play, catching a pop fly to end the bottom of the 7th. She also was responsible for 2 of the 3 outs in our final inning, closing down the other team and not giving them a chance to close the gap with more last-minute runs.

Special thanks to Deb, who took time out of her busy day to join us on the sideline for the final half. She also came out to the bar afterwards, to celebrate with a few of us (with a Diet coke)… despite the fact that she was planning to work more into the evening.

It was a great game last night, with everyone playing incredibly consistently, incredibly well. Our defense was solid, and we got a ton of people on base. Lots of RBI’s, and we were a well-oiled machine out there. We seem to have good days and off days as a team, and yesterday was definitely a very good day. Had we ended up losing the game, I still would have felt we played a fantastic game.

For anyone who hasn’t yet seen us play and would like to… the official “tournament” begins next week. What this means is that if a team loses, they’re eliminated from the bracket and the season is over. So if you want to catch us out on the field, next Wednesday might be your last chance if we end up losing. We always do better when we have fans cheering for us, so consider this an official invite to come out to Skinner Park, next Wednesday at 7:00 PM.

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