Run For Your Lives: 5K Obstacle Course, With Zombies

Run for Your Lives
is a 5K obstacle course race with a twist: there are live zombies out on the field. Well, not live live, because they’re… you know what I mean.

The course itself is comprised of 12 man-made obstacles, spanning a distance of about 5K. There’s no one route from start to finish, so the organizers warn that your decisions along the way may turn your 5K run into a 10K run.

Participants in the race all wear a flag belt (similar to what you would wear for flag football). Zombies will try to grab the flags on your belt: run out, and you become a zombie and chase other runners.

And if you’re not down for actually running the course, how about volunteering to be a zombie in the race? If you provide the old clothes, they’ll provide you with the professional makeup.

Naturally, one of the first questions that crossed my mind was: will the zombies behave like zombies in the movies? Will they be slow and lumber from place to place, easily outrun? Or will they actually be full on sprinting after me? Which… in thinking about it, would be really quite terrifying. Lots of fun questions and answers on the site’s FAQ page.

Fun stuff. Really reminds me a lot of Journey to the End of the Night, and the super awesome time I had running that race with Jake and Paul.

Currently the only location is set for Baltimore, but I can definitely see this catching on. I’m a terrible runner, and would likely fall victim to the undead within the first 10 minutes. That said, the idea of being a zombie on the field sounds like a blast too. Maybe I could be one of those lazy zombies that doesn’t run much – the kind that’s watching his weight, and doesn’t want to overeat.

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