RPS Tournament: Sunglasses and Skype

This year’s RPS Tournament is underway, though the games have cooled off a bit to allow the bracket to catch up. We had a run of games last week, but due to a few folks being out of the office… some people are really far ahead, and a few others are waiting to play their first games.

Rick and Tim, bedecked with sunglasses… just like how the professionals do it. Prior to this, I think there was some discussion as to who was going to be Maverick and who was going to be Goose. I think Rick ended up being Goose (and subsequently lost).

Justin’s desk has sort of become the official go-to location to do Skype battles. Since set up his machine to battle Sammy last week, he was able to connect again to allow Sammy and Al to battle.

We got a small crowd over to watch the event. In the end, I think that Al ended up winning.

I’ve got one loss to my name in the double-elimination tournament. I’m waiting on a few others to catch up, so I don’t expect I’ll be playing again anytime soon. But we’ll see… once a few matches happen, it seems to ignite something and I’ll see a ton of games being played across the office. Wish me luck!

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  1. Not “rock paper scissors lizard spock” – I thought surely that was the direction this would turn.

    Liam Strain Reply

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