RPS Battles, Continued

Our second Rock, Paper, Scissor tournament continued this past week… with a few folks returning to the office, after being out for vacation.

Kashif had a slew of games to play, and matched up with Alexandra right near my desk. It was a very surreal Western movie-style battle, as I think Alexandra spotted Kashif from across the office… and they walked up to one another like gunslingers.

This was the final throw, with the score tied 1-1. AJ happened to be by and served as an impromptu referee. Alexandra ended up winning, 2-1.

I’ve been itching for another match, ever since my loss to Laurence. I’ve got a few games before I see another opponent, with Kashif vs. Mike. The winner of that battles takes on AJ, and the winner from that plays me.

We’re starting to thin out the contestants, and I’m wondering if we’ll see the actual final battle next week.

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