Photo Shoot in Frankfort

Over the weekend, Liz and I headed down to Frankfort to participate in some family photos. A friend of Tricia’s is a photographer, and was going to do some group/family pictures for all of us.

What normally is a 45 minute trip ended up taking a little over two hours. Moments after we got into the car, we realized that the Air and Water Show was taking place downtown… and would make getting out of the city rather difficult. We ended up leaving the highway and going local for a while, and eventually (eventually) arrived in Frankfort.

Interesting bit of trivia: it was nearly five years ago, also at the Air and Water Show, where I first met a lot of Liz‘s family.

The backyard, at the house in Frankfort. Julie’s done amazing things with the flowers and gardening out here, and it’s always a beautiful and peaceful place to visit.

Bob and Liz, looking a little sad that they both picked out the exact same outfit.

Savannah, playing around with the fountain.

L to R it’s Paige, Savannah, Audrey and Cameron.

Tricia’s friend Hope, taking some couple shots with Katie and Dan. There were several interesting spots all around the yard, lots of wooden structures and good textures/backgrounds.

Folks watching the photoshoot from a distance. L to R it’s Savannah, Paige, Cameron, Sebastian and Darryl.

Savannah and Audrey, not quite listening to the direction that’s being given to them, offstage.

Well.. that’s a little better.

Darryl and Dan, relaxing between shots. I think at this point, there may have been an attempt to get all the grandkids posing in the same shot.

Sebastian, fascinated with the fountain.

Paige and Savannah, walking down the driveway. A few moments before this, they were walking hand in hand.

Hope, crouching in the midst of some flowers, taking a few shots of the women. Hope did a great job, and wasn’t shy about finding a good place to shoot. At times, I saw her crouching near plants, flat down on the ground… she was all over.

A closeup shot with all the sisters. The process in getting to this point wasn’t exactly smooth, as there were a few bumped heads while everyone was getting into position.

Cameron, dangling on a treebranch. In order to get this shot, I had to help hoist him up… he had to hang there… I had to pull out my camera, turn it on, etc. He was a good sport though, and held on for a good while. You can imagine him saying Hurry, hurry.

Audrey, coming down the front steps of the house.

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