Big Plans

I came home today to discover our front entryway was covered in several sheets of paper, all taped together. On closer inspection, I saw that it was a pattern that Liz had printed out.

On seeing this, my first thought was a favorite quotation of mine. It’s by John Fante, and it’s the opening to his book Full of Life:

It was a large house because we were people with big plans.

Isn’t that just a killer first line? A perfect kind of thing to open a novel with? I came across Fante’s work while an undergraduate, and this line always reminded me of the house I shared… with four other friends.

Later, while in graduate school… it made me think of the other writers I was studying with, all of us scribbling away at our poems and short stories and essays, while under the wing of the OSU CW program.

Today, it makes me think of my job, and all the cool people I work with. And, of course, I think of the projects Liz and I have – the myriad of hobbies and interests and things we like to learn/explore.

I’m happy I was reminded of Fante’s work today. And more than that, I’m happy to be reminded that our house is also full of big plans.

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