The Archive: Paul Mawhinney and the Largest Record Collection in the World

Paul Mawhinney lives in Pittsburgh, PA and has amassed the largest record collection in the world. The Archive is a short documentary about Mawhinney’s passion, and is both awe-inspiring and sad in equal measure.

People come in here once in a while and they ask for a song, and my eyes light up. I feel like I’m part of the human race!

That happens rarer and rarer and rarer, every day.

There are some great lines in this piece, and I’m glad someone got Mawhinney’s story recorded. This video was posted over three years ago, so I’m curious if there ever was a buyer. I wonder what ever ultimately happened to his collection.

Hard to tell, but from the looks of the Record Rama website, it seems his collection is still around… and still available for purchase.

[via Ektopia]

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