The 2nd Emmis Interactive Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament: Final Showdown!

The many weeks of furious Rock, Paper, Scissor action led up to a massive showdown, yesterday morning. In our large conference room, right before the monthly meeting… four of our finalists met up to do battle.

Here’s a quick recap: our tournament is double elimination. If you lose, you get a second chance by being placed in the loser’s bracket. Lose twice, and you’re out of the competition officially.

For today’s Final Showdown, we had four players remaining.

L to R it’s Shailesh, Phil, Alexandra and Noami.

The crowd watches on…

AJ, explaining the rules. Shailesh and Phil are both undefeated, so this means that they both get two chances. To actually be eliminated from the tournament, they have to be defeated twice. Alexandra and Noami are on shakier ground – they each have had a loss, and are in the loser’s bracket. One loss… and they’re out.

And without further ado… ladies and gentlemen: The Final Battle.

Phil, victorious!

What a fun event! I’m bummed everything’s over, but I thoroughly enjoyed hearing all the spontaneous games around the office. Kudos to AJ for organizing the event, and hopefully this will become a yearly tradition.

// Edit: Still reeling from the RPS action? If you’re itching for more, check out the final showdown from our first tournament (AJ vs. Eddie).

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