Portrait of the Artist, Seven Years Apart

While I was going over older blog posts over the weekend, trying to do a bit of cleanup… I came across a mention of the Blue Line Artist I encountered with Chris, last July.

Turns out I had spotted this guy way back in 2004 – and Chris also happened to be with me, then too!

With my archives now a little more organized (and, hopefully, a little easier to search)… I’m kind of amazed at just how much history I’ve got stored on this blog. Most of the time, they feel like random little moments that I’ve obsessively captured and cataloged. And then every once in a while, I’ll get to see these random connections that span cities or years and become a little fascinated that I was the one who drew the dots at both ends of the line.

Blue Line Artst (2011)
Painter On The Subway (2004)
Rob Funderburk, Third Coast Short Docs Challenge: Book Odds

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