Let’s Add More Content to Google Plus

Yesterday morning, I was chatting with Justin, Ben, Allison and Chris about Google Plus.

The biggest competitor to Facebook showed its face at the end of June, and lots of people jumped on board very quickly at the start. But in the months since its launch, activity seems to have tapered off. A lot of folks have it, but not a lot of folks use it.

I’m guilty of this, as much as the next guy. Traditionally, I use TweetDeck to manage my Twitter account, and I’ll occasionally use it to double-post content on both Twitter and Facebook. However, if I’m sharing a link and want more control over how it’ll display I’ll actually go directly to Facebook, where I can choose a thumbnail image, and edit the link title/blurb if I so choose.

For Google Plus, I’d end up just pasting in the same content that I posted on Facebook or Twitter. I wasn’t really treating it like an actual space of its own, I was treating it like a third location for re-broadcasting.

Interestingly enough, while at work today we were discussing the dilemma of HD Radio. How now (compared to 6 years ago), there are more devices and means with which to consume HD Radio… but perhaps not enough people generating the kind of compelling content (number of channels, signal strength) that would make HD Radio worth consuming.

Chicken and egg, in a way.

So I’m going to try a little exercise. For the next week (hopefully more), I’m going to try to actively post more stuff onto Google Plus. It’s weird in that I tend to go in and check it frequently, but don’t really post much. I suspect a lot of my friends use it in the same way. Feels a little like we’re all picking up our telephone and listening for voices, but never really making any calls ourselves.

So tell you what – I’ll still be re-tweeting and re-posting things on G+, but I’ll also be making it a point to share links or content that will only be on G+. If you’re interested, come swing by.

If you don’t have a Google Plus account, it shouldn’t be hard to obtain one. If you’re really stuck, let me know as I have like 150 Invites, or something ridiculous like that. I’m sure I could float one or two your way.

// Edit: I just realized most of my older posts on G+ were only to my “Friends” circle. I’ll be actively posting stuff that should be accessible to the public. I will try very hard not to say anything stupid.

No promises though.

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