Not Rats, Rainbow

On my way to work this morning, I took out the trash and walked through the alleyway that runs somewhat parallel to Logan Boulevard. Near the end, where it meets up with the alley that runs along Milwaukee… I spotted this odd note, spray-painted into the ground.

There are a few other arrows spray-painted into the ground in the adjacent buildings, mostly to show where the building’s dumpsters are to be positioned. But I’m kind of baffled as to what this note means. A saying like “No Rats, No Disposal” I could maybe understand… but “Not” rats? That’s just kind of weird.

It’s as though something might have been placed here that could have been mistaken for rats, but the tenant of the building wanted to clarify that they weren’t. Weird.

In a very interesting change of pace, as I approached the Logan Blue Line stop, I noticed a light rainbow arcing across the sky. As I got closer, it appeared to show that the rainbow was actually ending somewhere inside the Chase bank.

Despite it being Monday, and despite there being a rather dreary sky overhead… seeing this rainbow made me smile. It made me think that there are a finite number of these guys that I’ll get to see in my lifetime, and how lucky I was to have gotten one more under my belt. There were a sea of cars heading down Milwaukee, facing the opposite direction. I’ll bet none of them saw it.

In looking back, I’m glad I decided to be optimistic with the rainbow tag.

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