Jesus, Creator of Plate Tectonics and the AIDS Virus

The guy was facing away from me, but after he turned around and spotted me taking pictures… he kind of tried posing. At this time, the train had pulled up and the guy began packing up his sign and his stuff.

As I got close, I started to ask what he was doing, what the signs meant. The guy had his eyebrows slightly raised, as though he was looking forward to engaging me in some explanation or conversation, but I was stammering too much. A lot of unfinished “Why are…” and “What are…” came out of my mouth, but I don’t think I ever completed an actual sentence.

The guy looked at me a little sadly, and said he had to go. When I saw him through the windows, I half-expected him to break out the sign again and hold it for me to photograph.

I have no idea what this man was doing, or what his ultimate message was. It’s unclear, based on the signage, whether he was praising Jesus or condemning him. Is Christ great because he creates complex things, both large and small? Is it some kind of warning to humanity? It’s tough because I only know half the story, but wanted to know more.

All I’ve got is the first half of a story. Where’s Paul Harvey when you need him?

Found Note, Wicker Park
I Need Closure!

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