Illinois Centennial Monument: That’s A Lot of Birds

Most days, as I’m walking to and from work, I’ll glance up at the very large Illinois Centennial Monument that sits at the heart of Logan Square. For whatever reason, the nerd in me giggles whenever I see a pigeon on the monument – a small bird, sitting on top of a larger bird. I don’t know why it tickles me so much, but it does.

I thought that I had seen a large number of them before, but Liz scoffed at my paltry six bird sighting, claiming to have seen at least 13 at one time.

Walking home a few days ago, I spotted what looked like a huge gathering on top of the monument. By my count, that’s 21 birds there together… 22 if you count the actual statue itself.

Seeing that group clustered so far away, so high away… it makes me feel like an outcast in high school, watching the cool kids from across the cafeteria. I desperately want to go over, sit down and ask everyone how they’re doing, what’s going on. But I know deep down that if I try to get close, they’ll all just scatter the moment they catch sight of me.

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