Old Multimedia

I spotted this box of old VHS tapes in the alleyway, behind my apartment. On walking by, I was struck by the fact that all the tapes looked to be in pretty good (if not great) condition. I paused and debated briefly snatching them up, only to remember that I don’t own a VHS player. Even if I wanted these tapes, I would have no way to actually view them.

I take the idea of streaming video for granted, nowadays. Given how much video is available online, it’s weird to confront this old media – literally thrown away, curbside. Funny how we’ve jumped to various forms of storage for media – film, videotape, laserdisc, DVD’s, Blu-Ray. I wonder how many more media types we’ll get bored of, grow out of. I wonder how long until all physical media goes away, and all we’re left with is digitized media.

It doesn’t seem that far away.

Out With The Old… In With The New
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Trail’s End Popcorn Sales Training Video, Featuring Justin Stephenson

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