After the Final Curtain: Haunting Photographs of Abandoned Theaters

Matt Labros is a photographer, fascinated with abandoned architecture. After the Final Curtain is his collection of the various abandoned theaters he’s come across, while traveling the US.

The story behind the project is pretty interesting, and worth checking out. There are some spaces that look virtually untouched by time, and others that look like they’ve survived a war.

What I find kind of fascinating in looking over these images is what my brain does to the space. I automatically imagine the theater in its prime – lights blazing, curtains drawn, and every seat filled with a patron dressed to the nines.

Small wonder so many people are drawn to Urban Exploration – where participants roam around abandoned structures, sometimes trespassing and oftentimes documenting their process.

Seeing buildings exposed and left to the elements in this way… it’s a bit like watching a timelapse video, where a great deal of time is compressed into a smaller moment. To me, these buildings are seemingly physical manifestations of time, aging and decay – the past in a tangible form.

These photographs are mesmerizing not because they capture the moment… but because they capture every prior moment, leading up to now.

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  1. i loved the photos that you posted about the proctors theater in troy i saw a lot of movies in that theater in the 70s was there for the last show in 1977 its a shame that no one has redone it in all thees years would love to take my grand children to a show there some day

    don f Reply

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