iPod, iPhone, iMacs – Looking Back

This morning, when I was browsing around… I spotted a post by Rachelle, highlighting some of her Apple products, over the years. I realized that I’ve kept a similar diary of all my Apple-related purchases, and started looking through my archives a bit more.

With the passing of Steve Jobs last night, a lot of people are talking about the influence the man had – on technology, on music, on the way we view our computers and mobile phones. For me, in looking back, I’m actually surprised at how often I’ve worked with or purchased an Apple product.

As a kid, I grew up with computers early on. My folks got me a TRS-80, which I sort of used… but didn’t really get into (until I was older). I think I used it to play games, and that’s about it. I also remember working with an Apple IIc in elementary school.. and eventually having an Apple IIe at home (which I also used to primarily play games). Noticing a small trend there.

//Edit: One vivid memory I do have of programming on my Apple IIe is my attempt to re-create the login process from WarGames. You had to guess the right password, otherwise you’d get a asterix-decorated box with “LOGIN FAILED.” But if you guessed correctly (Joshau), you got greeted as Professor Falken.

For most of my college career, I cut my teeth on PC’s. And it wasn’t until grad school that I was exposed more to Macs again, working in a tech support role helping folks with both platforms. Though I was comfortable with both environments, I didn’t really begin my transition over to the Mac side until I moved to Chicago, and started working with Justin and Ben.

The first Apple product I purchased – a 40GB iPod, circa 2004.

My first iMac
from 2005, when I made the official jump from PC to Mac.

Making the switch, from my Blackberry to an iPhone. I honestly can’t imagine my day without this little device.

And more recently, the iMac I purchased last year.

Between me and Liz, we have in our apartment: 2 iPhones, 2 iMacs, 1 Macbook, 1 Shuffle. She was a PC person when we first met, and we’re now pretty much an exclusively Mac household. It’s a little crazy, when I stop to think about it…

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