Nightmares Fear Factory: Hysterical Photo Gallery of People Scared Silly

I first learned about Nightmares Fear Factory (a popular haunted house in Niagara Falls) from Jane, nearly 6 years ago. I still remember that day, back when we were a smaller group working at the Merchandise Mart, in the back of the Q101/Loop office – we were laughing ourselves silly, looking over all the images.

At Nightmares, there’s this room where they have a camera set up. It’s very dark, so people are usually walking holding on to one another. According to Jane, there’s the illusion that a car is crashing through the wall, with its headlights coming straight at you. When this happens, the people in the room usually freak out. And right on cue, a camera takes a snapshot.

Back in 2005, when Jane was telling us about this… the Nightmares website was a little rough. Their photo gallery was down, so we ended up using the Wayback Machine to track down the photos. The archived photos were all super large in size, so there was the added fun of seeing the image slowly “develop” as it loaded. The slow reveal made a funny image that much funnier.

Fast forward today, and Nightmares Fear Factory has an amazing Flickr photostream, with loads and loads of photographs of people pooping their pants in fright. Several of us have been peeking at the gallery throughout the day, and more than one tear has been shed from laughing too hard.

It’s really difficult to pick just one or two favorite photos, as there are so many good ones. I’d recommend starting here, and slowly making your way through. Great, great stuff… and by far the best advertisement I can think of for this place.

// Edit: If you get through the entire Flickr set, the old Internet Archive Wayback Machine link I posted from 2005 is still working. Kind of amazing, actually. More photos to be found there!

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  1. The Nightmares Fear Factory is pretty crazy. It’s pitch black so you can’t see anything, and these guys just jump out at you and scream and push you around.
    By the time you get to the part with the car, they’ve been messing with you so much that you’re half-expecting them to let the car run you over :P That’s why the people in the photo look so scared.

    Jake Houston Reply

  2. The best pics are the ones where a) the guys hide behind the girls and b) the guys look relieved that they are going to die rather than spend another moment with their wife/family (one guy’s grin is priceless).

    Anthony Reply

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