Adams House: You Are Loved

My friend Russ has a very interesting job – he works as a Resident New Media Tutor at Harvard’s Adams House. Yesterday, he told me about how the house is participating in the You-Are-Loved chalk message project (a national, suicide-prevention campaign, which counters hateful rhetoric toward the LGBTQ community). But the residents are doing so in their own, unique way.

Apparently in Cambridge, chalk is considered graffiti – so the residents have devised a Post-it note campaign, with the intent to post up messages all over campus. There’s even an online component, where you can submit a message (and a photo), even if you’re not physically there.

I like the spirit of this project – doubly so in that it’s a campaign of language, of using words that inspire to counteract words that detract.

Reading over the history of Adams House, it seems like an incredibly interesting and vibrant place (with some notable former residents).

Russ has quite the unique job, and looking at the combination of the residents, the house, and the list of resident tutors – it seems like an incredibly fun place to work. I’m excited to see more photos of the Post-it notes, decking buildings and surfaces across campus. It’ll be fun to see how folks skirt around the chalk/graffiti law, and to read over their messages.

And if you’re so inclined, feel free to leave your own message. Using a Post-it note is optional.

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