Jay Smooth: On Creativity

Was reminded of Jay Smooth this weekend, and spent some time looking over some of his videos again. He’s a funny guy, and has some good things to say – and edits his videos in a very fast-paced, MTV kind of a way… that comes off as kind of heartfelt and endearing, IMO. It’s not super rapid-fire, but it’s also not a regular conversational pace either. It’s somewhere in between, and I find it pretty catchy.

As I was looking over his videos again, I came across one he made on Creativity. It’s more or less him quoting others, but I kind of dug it… so here it is:

I’ve been toying with a project idea for some time now, and it’s been on-again, off-again for several weeks. Just picked it back up again, and have been trying to start up the momentum I had a month (or more) ago. It’s at one of those stages where it’s 60% completed, but the more time that goes on…the more I start to doubt whether it’s a worthwhile project, whether anyone else will like it as much as I do, whether it’s still a good idea… and so on.

Having been in a small slump for a while, it’s tough trying to dig out. Hearing a few of these quotations was inspiring, and so I felt like sharing.

Favorite moment: the first take, trying to quote Isaac Bashevis Singer. Like I said – he’s a funny guy. Many more of his videos are on YouTube and on his site.

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