Halloween Costume: The Tidy Serial Killer

This year, I decided to go with a simpler Halloween costume. I’m not sure how many of you have seen this already, but my idea is based off a random, animated .gif: a serial killer, cleaning off his car. I love the pausing and the looks the guy gives, and hopefully I’ll cause a fair amount of stares as I’m going to/from work.

The costume itself is pretty basic, in terms of assembly.

First – a pair of disposable coveralls. I found these guys on Amazon.

Next, some disposable latex gloves. Not sure if I’ll end up wearing these or not.

Next, a basic, white hockey mask.

Since I don’t wear contacts and plan on wearing my glasses inside the mask… I added some foam padding to the nose area. This helps jut the mask out a little bit more from my face, and doesn’t put all the pressure directly on my glasses.

Finally – a bit of fake blood.

I wasn’t sure the best way to go about splattering the blood on the coveralls… and Liz came up with the great idea of us using a few extra syringes. So we loaded up a few in the kitchen…

Outside, about to apply a test run on a rag.

We then propped up the coveralls against a box, to allow the blood to stream/drip a little more naturally.

And the after shot, post-splatter.

One concern is the fact that these coveralls are designed to repel liquids. We found that the blood wasn’t being absorbed very much – and just kind of sat on the surface. It’s been sitting outside for a few hours now, and it’s done a decent job of drying. Hopefully, with it sitting out the remainder of the night… it’ll dry up a lot more. The last thing I want is to have to walk around and smear blood over everyone on the CTA (and at work).

At the time of this writing, it’s about 9PM… so here’s hoping things look ok in the morning.

Finally, since I can’t bring my car with me… I planned on having a bucket, filled with some cleaning supplies and a bloody rag. This, I’m hoping, helps to round out the concept that I’m a serial killer who’s in the process of cleaning up the mess. A last minute bit of inspiration had me grabbing my copy of Haley’s Hints off the bookshelf, which will make a nice touch when I’m sitting and reading through the book on the CTA.

Here’s a detail view of the bucket and rag, complete with the costume.

And the outfit – fully assembled!

Unfortunately, this costume isn’t quite as interactive as some of my other ideas. I don’t have any candy to give out, so this one’s mostly a point and stare costume.

Still though – should be fun to walk around and catch a few folks off guard. Who knows – if I get lucky, I might even scare someone.

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  1. That’s pretty dang creepy, Felix. Good job!

    juliet Reply

  2. This reminds me of Dexter. I can just picture him cleaning his car wearing that. Sigh. I love Dexter.

    Marty J. Christopher Reply

  3. This is really awesome! I’m planning to do a similar costume like this one for Halloween this year! Thanks for the ideas. :)

    Cecilia Reply

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