Visualization of Bach Cello Suites No. 1, Prelude
is a wonderful visualization of the first Prelude from Bach’s Cello Suites. It’s quite soothing and hypnotic, if you’re content to let it alone to play. You can also grab each of the orbiting dots and disrupt the song (temporarily, until the project re-adjusts to the original tempo).

The project was created by Alexander Chen and the backstory on the project is worth exploring. I was delighted to find out that Chen is also the guy behind Conductor: – another great visualization and a project I featured earlier this year. To top things off, he was also involved with the Les Paul Google Doodle.

When I was first learning Flash, almost ten years ago, a lot of my projects revolved around music in some way. I played around with visualizing Glenn Gould, messed around with pi and recorded myself singing. Seeing stuff like this, it’s making me want to explore JavaScript and HTML5 a lot more. Maybe it’s time to work on some new experiments…

Conductor: Musical New York Subway Map
Plink: Collaborative Music With Chrome
Sonar: Numeric And Circular Music Visualization
Sinuous: Soothing HTML5 Game

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