On the Set: Movie Clips Juxtaposed With Real Life Videos

I love that someone as crazy and as dedicated as Hervé Attia exists. Taking older, iconic films… he revisits the original filming locations, juxtaposing snippets of the film with contemporary footage. It’s hard to describe – it’s a bit like watching a movie age, before your eyes. And since he tends to favor movies from over 20 years ago… the aging effect is doubly so.

Here’s what he did with the film The Lost Boys:

Anymore, I’m trained to expect my Internet videos to come in short, 3 minute bursts. But there’s something about Attia’s films that’s quite mesmerizing. They’re slow to start, but they’re gradually awesome. In a few places, it’s crazy how much time he spent not only tracking down each location… but editing his videos, to pair them with precise moments in each film.

In particular, I thought that 4:08, 5:24 and 8:24 were pretty spectacular.

I think you’d need to really like the original film, in order to find Attia’s films interesting. If seeing the Coreys in The Lost Boys Attia covers a lot of other films on his YouTube channel.

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