My Grandmother, the Poet

Late last night, everyone in the Jung family received an email from our Uncle Corky – along with an image attachment. Here’s his message:

Grandma and I were sitting in the airplane on-route to Cabo. She looked out the window and inspiration came to her. She asked for pen and paper and wrote this poem in a matter of minutes. She asked me to translate it so all the kids can read it. I can tell you it took me longer than it did her. All I can do was to scan the original. Somehow it ended up in this format. But you can see it. My translation follows.

On Board Aeroplane

Cumulus clouds a boundless sea
heavenly vault azure come to meet
creation enorm man small
divine miracles manifestly seen

In looking back to when I grew up, one of my biggest regrets is not trying harder to learn Mandarin. My parents gave me a lot of opportunities to do so and even signed me up for classes… but I never really tried all that much.

This was an email sent out to family members, but I loved it so much… I wanted to share it with everyone else. It’s great to see my grandmother’s faculties are still as keen as ever, regardless of language.

Happy 100th Birthday, Grandma Phoebe!
Christmas Eve In Indianapolis
Happy 99th Birthday, Grandma Phoebe!

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