Tick Tock, Tick Tock

So today is one of those uber quick, blog-post-during lunch kind of posts. I had to get to the grocery store to buy veggies for the rabbits, and was out and about before 7 AM. Add to this fact that it’s turning into a fairly social week, and the past few days seem in stark contrast to the quiet lull of Thanksgiving.

I’m also trying to look around for airfare, as the full weight of the holidays (and December) kind of hit us last night. Lots of planning and coordinating and calendar math lately.

Just a quick post today, amidst what seems like a day of meetings – squeezing in a bit of time on the computer, here and there.

Tired, but looking forward to the large cushion of time that will be the latter part of December. When I’m not worn out thinking about the holidays, I’m looking forward to them.

How’re things with you?

[CC photo via Junnn]

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