Site Visitors, Keyword Searches, and Some Surprising Google Image Rankings

Site Visitors, Keyword Searches, and some Surprising Google Image Rankings

A day or two ago, Google updated their Google Analytics interface with a “Beta” feature that allows people to see real-time traffic on their sites. I’ve been keeping this window open for most of the day, and it’s kind of fascinating/mesmerizing to see folks pop in and out. Not only that it’s great to see what pages they’re visiting, where they’re coming from… and what search terms they use to arrive at my site.

In looking into keywords, I’ve noticed a few things:

Apparently, when searching Google Images for the term SlanketChris shows up fifth, Allison 18th.

Original entry: Slanket Silliness

Liz and I show up first when searching Google Images for either Chocolate Nose or Chocolate Moustache

Original entry: Chocolate Noses, Chocolate Moustaches

I’ve got a decent showing on the first page, when doing a regular Google search for Sensation Transference.

Original entry: New Tropicana Packaging, Malcolm Gladwell And Sensation Transference

I show up within the first 15 images when searching for the phrase Brussels Sprouts on a Stalk

Original entry: Brussels Sprouts On The Stalk

Amazingly, an image from my site shows up second when doing a Google Image search for Awkward Family Photos.

From time to time, I’ll also see visitors show up on my site after using the search phrase sexy family photos, which is always… disturbing.

Original entry: Better Than Flickr: Sexy People And Awkward Family Photos

Finally – along with the Awkward Family Photos entry, I seem to be getting a ton of people searching for neocube and buckyballs, trying to find more info about the tiny magnets. This is one of the more popular pages on my site, believe it or not.

Original entry: NeoCube And BuckyBalls: Tiny Magnets, Huge Fun

Strange findings. I haven’t delved very deeply into Google Analytics beyond some of the surface reporting… but I’m slowly becoming more interested in it. It’s been fun to kind of peek into this blog thing I’ve built, and learning about all the ways others find (and interact with) it.

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