Goodbye Jose

Last week, a few of us gathered together after work and met up at the nearby Beef and Brandy. We were there to say goodbye to Jose, whose last day at Emmis Interactive was about two weeks ago.

If you’ve never been to the B&B, this is what the downstairs bar looks like. It’s funny – in all the time we’ve visited here, I’ve never gone to the upstairs dining area – only the basement.

We got into some pretty fun conversations, ranging from cults and North Korea to the oddly consistent appearance of pi within Egyptian pyramids.

I should take a moment to mention that we talked extensively about the Vice Guide to Travel, and in particular the Vice Guide to North Korea.

L to R facing the camera it’s Al, Rick, Jose, Chris and Ben. With their backs to the camera, it’s Justin, Mike and Laurence

Surprisingly Jose agreed to do a shot and soon everyone else was on board. Here’s Chris, lining up the numerous rounds the Ben was kind enough to buy for everyone.


Thanks to Liz, who showed up near the end of the gathering and took this fun group shot of us doing, er… shots.

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