Liz Prepares the Annual Holiday Fruitcake

Liz has been hard at work in the kitchen this weekend, preparing her annual fruitcake. A few things you should know: first, this is not the usual dry and crumbly thing that most people think of, when the word fruitcake is mentioned. Second – there is a lot of booze in the fruitcakes Liz makes.

I’m actually not a fan of her fruitcakes, and it’s probably the only thing she makes that I won’t devour on the spot given the chance. But whenever she brings in a fruitcake to her workplace… it gets devoured pretty quickly. Liz’s dad loves these guys, and it’s always something she makes each Christmas for him.

The cakes themselves take a few weeks to prepare. They’re in the oven for about five hours, and then get regular treatments of whiskey over the course of maybe 2/3 weeks. These things are pretty potent when they’re finally done.

Walnuts, measured out on our official rabbit scale.

Kneading the fruitcake mixture was too cumbersome with the bowl on the countertop… so Liz decided to move to the floor.

A whole heap of raisins.

Liz, putting the fruitcake into the mold.

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  1. Don’t worry, my hands are nice and clean! :) When I was on the floor I was actually folding in the nuts and dry fruits (the unsoaked ones). The mixture gets pretty thick that it would break my wooden spoons or my electrical mixer. The dough ends up around 4-5 lbs, which results in a nice arm workout.

    The soaking fruit is a mixture of cranberries, cherries, golden and regular raisins. I add other dry fruits such as pineapple, dates, mango as my mood strikes. :)

    Liz Reply

  2. I’m starting to drool already,


    Dad Reply

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