Getting a Flu Shot, Fear of Needles

Last month, thanks to Alexandra and our company’s Wellness budget, we had someone come in to work and administer free flu shots. I’m pretty uncomfortable with needles (who isn’t), but decided I did want to get a flu shot this year.

When the nurse arrived, I was quick to jump in line first. I just wanted it over and done with. I think Jane and I both got our forms at the same time, but I ended up finishing first.

Chris agreed to take my camera, and snapped a few shots of the process.

I was pretty ok when I first sat down, filling out forms. But the longer I waited, the more I thought about the needle… and the worse it got. As I watched the nurse prep, I started to break out in a light sweat.

Here she is, prepping the needle. I think I said something like No bubbles, please. Looking back, I realize how much of a jackass statement that is – me, telling her how to do her job. But it was some kind of weird nervousness that overtook me, and compelled me to say that.

Me, feeling a little nervous. Sweating has started, and the nurse is about to swab my arm.

Needle is on its way. I ended up closing my eyes the whole time, since that made me a little less nervous.

Needle has landed. Eyes still closed, but I honestly didn’t feel much at all. There was no pain or pinch, just a slight pinpoint and it was done.

Me, very relieved the whole thing is over.

I don’t think I’ve really had a bad experience with needles before, but it must be my overactive imagination – I see them, and start to get a little nervous.

And yes, this was 32x less stressful than my allergy test.

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