Emmis Interactive Poker: I’ve Made a Huge Mistake

With our office holiday party this week (Friday), we have a lot of folks back in town. This usually means an evening of Texas Hold-Em poker in the large conference room, with the much sought after Lord and Master Stein up for grabs. I wasn’t around for the last game, but Chris won it (beating out AJ, who took second).

Before the game, I was doing a quick tutorial for Nisha and Sandra. It was kind of a scramble, but I’m hoping I got the basics across to both of them.

Pre-game, waiting for people and pizza to arrive.

This is a rather intense looking image, with everyone kind of glaring of Brian B for some reason. I’m surprised because I think I caught some exact moment when no one was smiling or laughing (our games are always very friendly).

We had a lot of players tonight: Jeff, Chris, Tim, AJ, Sammy, Me, Brian B, Nisha, Sandra, Siraj, Deb. We also had Lisa and Chris C hanging out/observing.

I don’t have much to report on the game because… well, I got knocked out almost immediately. It was the second hand, but it may as well have been immediately. The fact that I didn’t go out on the very first hand is what saves this from total embarrassment, but… yeah. Second hand.

I had Ace Queen, and saw a Queen on the flop. Decided not to bet heavy and let everyone else trickle in. I’m not sure what happened, but the moment I saw that Queen drop… I was blinded to everything else. I was convinced I had the strongest hand.

I forget what the next card was, but it seemed like nothing of consequence – a 10 of clubs or spades. Deb was to my right and first to act. Blinds were 10/20 and she bet 20. I raised to 60. Chris was to my left and raised it to 100.

At that point, everyone else bowed out and I called. Another card that I can’t remember (all I could see was my Queen). Looking at the cards, the only threat I could see was two spades – which made think Chris was chasing a Flush. I bet 300. Chris raised me to 800.

I think we all began with 1200 chips total. So at this point, I either call to see the next card and risk another round of betting… or I push all-in. After a bit of debating, I decided to go all-in. Turns out, Chris had a straight and wasn’t chasing that Flush after all. Boom. Done.

I was obviously not prepared to play poker last night. All I could see was that Queen, and for whatever reason… decided to keep throwing money after a pair that I caught on the flop. Hopefully, this was a lesson that I won’t forget anytime soon.

I ducked out a little later, watching a few hands. It looked like Nisha was doing pretty well when I left. Later in the evening, via Twitter, I found out that Chris took first (again), and AJ took second (again). We had a ridiculous number of players, so I’m looking forward to hearing more of the details.

// Edit: Here’s Chris, in all his winning glory:

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