Busy Busy Busy

Sorry for the slow news day today. Scrambling to get holiday plans in place – lots of gifts yet to buy, still have to get the bunnies to their temporary home.

On to of this, I also found out that the recent site outages were potentially due to my site. I still need to get more info on the particulars, but when I called my host they told me that my primary domain (avoision.com) was using up something like upwards of 15% of the server’s resources.

I was given a few options (semi-dedicated box, VPS) but they’re all $30 – $50 a month, which is just ridiculous. So I’ve now got to find some way to better optimize my site apparently… or look to a newer host to move to.

Regardless of all this stuff – I do go on vacation in a few days. It’ll be a kind of whirlwind trip to visit family all over, but should be relaxing once it finally happens (one we finally arrive at our various destinations).

Busy busy.

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