Early Christmas in Atlanta

As is our annual tradition, we had an early Christmas with the Holder family at their home in Atlanta, GA. Recently, the Fords moved down to Atlanta as well, and are currently staying with the Holders. Needless to say, we had a very full house – which, over the holidays… is the best kind of house.

On Sunday, after church and a mid-afternoon nap, we all sat down in the living room to open presents. The kids were all very patient, having wait most of the morning… and took turns opening gifts, one after the other.

Jackson, checking out his new Millenium Falcon.

Isabelle, opening one of her first gifts near the fireplace. A day or two ago, she had moved the grate away from the fireplace “to let Santa in.”

Despite all the gifts, there’s a certain allure that the iPhone seems to have over kids and adults alike. The one thing I’ve learned over this holiday season? Kids love the game Tumbledrop.

Anne and Jackson, watching a bit of Star Wars (which I had on my iPhone, and played on the television).

Kirt, putting together a mini-foosball table. Unsatisfied with how the thing was set up, he grabbed some of his own tools and drilled new holes.

The kids, sitting on the couch. L to R it’s Jackson, Paige, Isabelle and Audrey.

Audrey, with a few of her gifts.

Isabelle, who got her very own CD player.

Jackson, opening up a pretty cool police/lego set.

Paige opening her gift, with Sebastian and Darryl nearby.

The look on her face is priceless.

All the kids gathered near Audrey, as she opens her present. Note my wife, doing her usual photo bombing routine.

Tricia and Audrey, opening presents.

Jackson, who seemed really enamored with his new sweater. This is him cuddling up to it on the floor.

Paige, realizing that she got a cheerleader uniform as a gift.

Another surprised face from Paige.

Paige, jumping up with her uniform and pom-pons.

Audrey, kicking back and texting friends. Unlike her sister Paige, Audrey knows the difference between a phone and a remote.

Sebastian, rocking one of the best looking moose hats I’ve ever seen.

// Edit: The comedic value of the phrase “moose hat” was too strong for me. In hindsight, I’m realizing this was probably a reindeer hat.

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