Early Christmas in Indianapolis

We continued the early Christmas tour by visiting my sister’s family in Indianapolis. We all went out to Maggiano’s for a family dinner, then back to Stacey’s house to open gifts.

Side note: my sister is incredibly sneaky. While Liz and I had intended to pay for the meal, she and Shane somehow managed to grab the bill before we could. This is not the first time for such shenanigans at a restaurant. And it even happens in our own apartment.

Pretty Sneaky, Sis.

Jasmine and Liz.

Jahnu, showing off his present. It’s some kind of pen device that, when you run it over words in books, will read out the words to you. I’ve seen it in action a few times, and am still baffled as to how this thing works.

Jasmine, showing off her Hello Kitty house.

Jasmine and Jahnu, posing for the camera.

A shot of the kids, with my parents on the couch watching.

Jahnu looks incredibly excited at his gift. Jasmine is a little… meh.

Though it’s for Liz, the kids also seem to be really excited.

Liz, mid-laugh.

The “Tangled” tower we got Jasmine was surprisingly difficult to piece together.

My dad, helping Jahnu with his new book and pen.

The fam, hanging out.

At the close of the evening, my parents went back to their place and the kids went to bed. Shane, Stacey, Liz and I all had a bit of our desert (tiramisu).

Naturally, we sat at the kids’ table.

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