Visiting Grandma Phoebe

After our big outing to the Indianapolis Children’s Museum, all of us went over to my Auntie Vickie’s house to visit Grandma Phoebe for a little while.

Liz, hanging out with my grandma in her room.

Stacey and the kids, looking at one of the many photos that adorns my grandmother’s room.

Also – very recently, my grandma had gotten an iPad from a family friend. I think the original intent was that she might be able to use it to communicate with friends, and to potentially use the table to write (in Chinese). My cousin Ellen helped my grandma set up her email, and also took some video of her using the device:

Not too shabby for someone who’s 100 years old!

While we were there, we tried to show her how to use a few other apps. I ended up buying her copies of Angry Birds and Tumbledrop. She was sort of getting the hang of it, but not sure if she’ll get into those games or not. A lot of the apps she had were mah jong games.

One of the photos on her wall is of her, sitting on Santa’s lap. I don’t know when this was taken, but I had never seen it before. This left me with a smile on my face.

The kids were being silly, so I had to promise them that we’d do two sets of photos: one serious, one silly. Here’s the serious one.

And here’s the silly one!

Happy 100th Birthday, Grandma Phoebe!
Happy 99th Birthday, Grandma Phoebe!
Happy 97th Birthday, Grandma Jung!

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