Christmas Day in Frankfort

I woke up a little early on Christmas Day, as I had forgotten one of Cameron’s gifts back in the city. So a little after 7 AM, I did what Santa would do it he forgot a gift – namely, hop back into his 2007 Honda Civic and do a quick run.

Amazingly, thankfully, Starbucks was open at that hour… so I was able to get a little caffeine into my system. As has been the case this holiday season, I put on The Low Anthem for the drive and lended up listening to their song To Ohio pretty much non-stop.

Back in Frankfort, hanging out at the house before the Titus family arrived.

Hallway tree. There’s something about these lights in particular, at night, that gives this hallway a wonderful glow.

A view of the main tree, from the dining room.

The dining room table, always decked out for the holidays.

Everyone watching Savannah, as she opens one of her gifts.

Dan, helping Savannah with a present. I love the look of expectation and concentration on her face.

Savannah showing off a gift to Bob.

Dan and Katie on the couch, with Cameron sitting by the tree.

One of Dan’s gifts – orange slices (his favorite candy).

Katie was making fun of him (Only old people like that stuff) but he didn’t care – he had a huge grin on his face when he saw them. I was invited to try one… and I have to say, they’re not for me. The initial taste wasn’t too bad, but it was the texture and subsequent chewing that sent me astray.

A little later in the evening, Katie got on Skype with Tricia and her family. It was a lot of fun to watch everyone on the laptop, talking with everyone down in Atlanta.

Audrey, Tricia and Paige, waving hello.

Bob and Julie, looking in on the Fords in Atlanta.

Savannah was really eager to show off her new doll. In her enthusiasm, it resulted in a kind of creepy doll face that appeared on the Ford’s computer screen.

This is Darryl, looking warily at the doll.

L to R it’s Liz, Julie, Cameron and Savannah. And on the far right (you can see Cam reaching for him) is the Nutcracker doll, who made many cameo appearances during the chat.

Christmas Day In Frankfort
Opening Presents In Frankfort

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