Painting the Dining Room

Over the past two weeks, Liz has been itching to re-do the dining room. It’s the place where she spends the bulk of her time (at the dining room table), with her sewing projects.

She’s been looking at paint swatches for a while now, and started painting the room a few days before Christmas. In a flurry of activity, she got through the whole room in less than a day.

Here she is, working on the corner. Liz is pretty skilled with the paint brush, and has a steady hand – so she’s able to do everything manually, without taping.

Lots of things, stored on the dining room table.

We emptied out the china hutch, so we could move it away from the wall.

The dining room, nearly done.

When I saw the color, my first reaction was: Wow, that’s really… pink. But I was informed that the room was a “peachy coral” color.

I stand corrected.

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  1. It’s like looking in the mirror when I see Liz doing things like this. Especially when she corrected you on the color. Reminds me of the putrid color I picked out for my home years ago, and told everyone it was salmon color. Anyway it looks great Liz. Nice color for an old place. What color are you doing in the living room?

    Mom Reply

  2. Looks pink to me! XD

    Mellzah Reply

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