New Sunroom for the Bunny Rabbits

Today Liz and I cleaned up the sunroom (where our rabbits Baxter and Quincy live). We kept the buns outside, and cleaned the room top to bottom – picking up the old tiles we had on the ground, sweeping and giving every surface a good clean.

While I was out getting groceries, Liz stayed behind to lay down a new set of tiles. The ones we set up last year were getting a little dirty, and now… it looks like a brand new room again.

We also chose a tile that has a little more material to it, making it easier to grip and easier for the bunnies to run around.

We also took some of the older tiles, and created a food/water area. Hopefully, this keeps some of the messiness from getting to the new tiles (since Quincy is kind of a messy eater).

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