Lucille Clifton: I Am Running Into a New Year

With every new year, I invariably think about this poem by Lucille Clifton. Today, as I went searching for the poem in her book, good woman, I came across her autograph.

I attended a reading she gave back in 2004, and when I stood in line to get her autograph… I asked her to sign this poem in particular.

I had forgotten about this autograph, and it was a surprise and delight to see her handwriting on the page. She’s written many fantastic poems, and if you’ve not come across her work before… I urge you to check out a few poems in the related links, below.


i am running into a new year
and the old years blow back
like a wind
that i catch in my hair
like strong fingers like
all my old promises and
it will be hard to let go
of what I said to myself
about myself
when i was sixteen
and twentysix and thirtysix
even thirtysix but
i am running into a new year
and i beg what i love and
i leave to forgive me

love rejected
won’t you celebrate with me
to the unborn and waiting children
my mama moved among the days
good friday
Lucille Clifton (June 27, 1936 – February 13, 2010)
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  1. Love most poems by Lucille Clifton, but this one especially. I was recently asked about my favorite poem, and needed a refresher. Thank you for sharing it!

    Kimberly Reply

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