iPad Case Recommendations?

This is really tempting the spam bots, but here goes. For those if you that have iPads… I’m curious to hear recommendations on iPad cases.

I’ve been using it without any kind of case/cover, and it’s been fine. But I’m incredibly ginger with it, and whenever I carry it somewhere other than the bedroom… I treat it like an egg I’m balancing on a spoon.

I’d like a bit of protection in case I ever drop the thing, but I don’t need anything as hardcore as a G-Form case. I’m mostly interested in a case that would allow me to tilt the iPad on a number of angles (low incline for easier browsing/typing, standing upright either horizontally or vertically).

I’ve been looking around at a lot of examples, and so far I’m leaning towards the Targus case (which my friend Dan has).

Curious to hear any personal recommendations, or if anyone has brands I should stay away from.

Realizing this may turn into my own, personal Turing Test.

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