Jamie and Bryan’s Baby Shower

On Sunday, Liz and I headed out to Niles to attend a baby shower for Bryan and Jamie. We got to see Jamie and Bryan shortly after walking in the doors (and we were followed closely by Justin and Alexis, and later by Chris and Leslie).

Note: check out Bryan’s ponytail!

Bryan, who is quite adept at holding a plate of food in one arm and hugging you with the other.

Jamie, also showing off her plate (she’s eating for two!).

If you haven’t guessed by the jerseys that Bryan and Jamie had on, the whole party was in a Blue/Orange Bears theme.

A delicious desert table, filled with all sorts of sweets.

Note: the last time I saw a pig’s head was at Baconfest Chicago. To my vegetarian friends – I apologize. This guy was crispy and delicious.

Bryan and Jamie, thanking everyone for coming out and celebrating their new family.

Some of the many games that were in effect at the baby shower. Here, five (male) volunteers blew up some balloons and stuffed them under their shirts. They each sat down in a chair, and were in a race to see who could tie their shoes fastest (without popping their balloons).

Not sure who the second guy was, but what a great loophole! Too bad he didn’t end up winning, because it was a great way to interpret the rules.

Justin and Alexis (check out those blue teeth).

Another game, this time involving couples. The guys had to spoon a big bowl of marshmallows into a smaller bowl, held by the girls standing behind them. It was pretty messy, as the faster they went… the more they spilled on the ground. After a count to determine the winner… it was a tie. :D

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