Warrior Dash: Mike and Phil to Sign Up

A few days ago, I learned that my friends Mike and Phil (and possibly Phil’s wife, Charity) are all going to be participating in something called Warrior Dash – a 3.19 mile obstacle course that includes rappelling, mud and barbed wire, cargo nets and fire.

This is definitely not for me (I think I could handle the obstacles, it’s the running/distance that I’m terrible at). But it sounds like a fascinating event, and I’ve written in to the promoters to see if I might be able to attend and photograph/document the event. I’m sure they’ve already got a ton of staff doing this already, but still worth asking the question. It’s been a few days since my request, so I may have to send a follow-up next week and ask again.

Would be fun though, to see each checkpoint and take photos throughout the day. According to the site, they’ve got waves going every 30 minutes and the event spans over two days.

Here’s the Illinois event map, in case you’re curious and decide you want to register as well.

// Edit on 1/17/12: Just heard back from the promoters yesterday, and was told I’m on the media list and can show up to get a media badge. I’m still working on a big list of questions for what happens when I show up, but pretty excited to be able to go and document this thing!

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