Gotye: Somebody That I Used To Know

This is one ridiculously catchy song. I was listening to Gotye a few weeks ago, and got mesmerized by his song State of the Art. But that one was kind of an odd song, and quite different from the other tracks on his album.

In this song, it’s the refrain that gets stuck in my head. For my ears, Gotye’s voice seems to channel Sting right around 1:35 (when he hits A and B flat). The resemblance is a little uncanny.

I’m noticing a pattern in my music listening. If I get stuck on a particular song while playing it on Rdio, I’ll then do a search to find some videos of the artist performing the song on YouTube. After that, I’ll replay the video a handful of times until I realize that yeah, that song is pretty much stuck in my head.

And then I post it up here.

Gotye: State of the Art

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  1. Love Gotye. Have you heard this cover by “Walk Off The Earth”? Innovative!

    Woody Reply

    • You know what’s really funny Woody? I haven’t seen the cover you mention, but I did see a cover of your cover.

      Finding this song mentioned in various spots online, it seems like there are people who are sick of hearing it and people who have never heard it, in equal measure. The album just made its way to Rdio a little while ago, and already there are parodies of the parodies.

      The Internet amazes me sometimes with its speed. I post up a song, and I’m already two versions behind.

      avoision Reply

  2. Great parody. Very well written! I hope Gotye is loving all the buzz.

    Woody Blackwell Reply

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