32 Hours, 7 Minutes, Revisited Eight Years Later

Phil came by my desk yesterday morning, asking if I remembered a link I had sent him many many years ago, back when we were still at the Merchandise Mart. It involved cars and a cross-country race, but neither of us could recall the actual title.

Funny thing – we both remembered the website being yellow. I did a little digging, and found the name of the movie: 32 Hours, 7 Minutes.

// Side note: I also tracked down my original blog post from back in 2004 (in a time before YouTube existed). Craziness.

The documentary’s name is the US transcontinental speed record set in 1983 during the US Express, a secretive race from New York to LA. A successor to the famous Cannonball Run, drivers were essentially breaking the law nonstop, driving as fast as they could across the United States.

Think about this for a second: the race is across the US, and the drivers don’t stop for anything. Maybe gas, definitely not cops. Most cars have scanners that are tuned to police frequencies, and if cops catch wind of them… the drivers either evade the police, or try to outrun them.

Mike identified the money quote from the movie trailer:

Everyone knows the dotted lines in the road. [At] about 130, they’re solid.

A totally crazy and random thing I missed the first time around: legendary video game creator Will Wright (SimCity, The Sims) not only participated in the race in 1980… but he freaking won.

Check out him talking about his win, and also showing off his gear.

The one bummer is that despite me hearing about this film back in 2004… it’s still not done. The site’s been updated to use WordPress, and I see some fairly recent comments/replies. So I guess that’s a positive sign. Hard to know whether that “coming soon” note in the site masthead is for real, or whether it’s been there for a few years.

There’s a Facebook page that has had a lot of recent activity… so maybe there’s hope to be had yet.

Funny that a documentary focusing on so much on speed has taken this long to get made. For now, all us fans are doing what all the drivers were doing so many years ago – squirming in our seats, quietly muttering: Come ON, come ON.

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  1. Hey Avoision! This post rocks, thanks so much for still caring after 8 years! I think you might have the record for longest standing fan. I’m the Director/Producer of 32 Hours 7 Minutes and I can’t tell you how much it meant to me to read your post tonight and feel the enthusiasm you still have for the film; and know you’re still rooting for it after all this time!

    You’ll be happy to know that the film is done, people who have seen it have frickin’ flipped their lids with excitement and I’m proud to report that even though those years were long (technically I think it’s been 10 since I started) they were not in vain. Alex Roy, my biggest champion through this whole thing once said to me, “Cory, as long as it kicks ass, as long as it’s amazing, it won’t matter how long it took, all will be forgiven in an instant.” Man I hope he’s right (because it does kick ass!)

    And so now we’re planning the roll out, the big premiere and getting it to the hard core fans like yourself first.

    I am so glad there’s still a bunch of you out there!

    Thanks again,

    Cory Reply

  2. I have been informed that there is a version of the film “32 Hours 7 Minutes” scheduled for imminent release by Gravid Films and Cory Welles. This version was not reviewed, approved or endorsed by me. In October of 2012, my attorneys filed suit against Ms. Welles, 32 Hours 7 Minutes LLC, Gravid Films, and others, alleging negligence, malfeasance and breach of contract. I was notified of Gravid’s decision to release the film and believe that this release, scheduled after years of inactivity, is simply an attempt to answer some of the claims that are being litigated. I remain committed to my loyal fans and supporters and will continue to work to make sure that they receive only the best product that reflects my commitment to and passion for of the open road.


    Alex Roy

    Alex Roy Reply

    • After corresponding with the person who left this comment (and also verifying the commenter’s email address with the owner of the Official Team Polizei HQ Facebook page… I feel that I’ve verified this comment was, indeed, left by Alex Roy.

      Also, you can see this same comment posted on Roy’s FB page.

      avoision Reply

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